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Nautilus Pinhole Camera Construction

Since I’ve just completed a summer session in photography at uni I thought I’d proudly display my final assessment beauty – the nautilus shell pinhole camera. Yes, it’s a camera, and has taken some interesting images from the first go. I love the infinite depth of perspective that the pinole gives and the fact the image can be captured directly onto paper. I had the most fun creating the camera itself, sculpting the snail coreolis from homemade playdough (wholemeal gluten-free, which was the only thing on hand).

painting it to look like a snail shell,

then laquering it with enough polyurethane to make it bounce.

A couple of photographs taken with snailcam:

One comment on “Nautilus Pinhole Camera Construction

  1. kittykatmandoo
    May 27, 2013

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    revisiting my very first post on kittykatmandoo, just as i was midway through my university degree. only a little over 5 years ago though it feels like a century,


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