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Salzwasser and Lorelei

The recorded reading for my scripts took place yesterday at the ABC studio in Ultimo. It was, as expected, a fantastic experience to see it all taking place, and the ladies who read the parts of Older German Woman and Younger German Woman (Brigitte and Bettina, respectively) also read for the parts of Lorelei and the Documentary translations. Although they had never done anything like this before they were fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed the experience as much as I did. Big, big thanks to Jane and Phillip for the day. They were very accommodating and now have a big (and somewhat enviable!) job ahead of them. I have been invited to go back to be present at the recording of the Lorelei’s song – a young girl called Maddy who has a voice I’ve never heard the likes of before will be performing the song. I will also be present at the post production, so I’ll get a sneak peek at my own work in action.
So Salzwasser and Lorelei (most probably in an amalgamated form) will become a real radio play and can be heard (along with my classmates’ productions) on Airplay, Radio National, 3pm Sunday October 12 2008.

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