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Silver Clay Workshop

I haven’t been in the workshop for quite a while now and I am desperate to get back into it. Considering the economic downturn I have adjusted the prices of my works accordingly on my website. I have also set up a webstore at Etsy and joined associated forums – all in the name of getting it out there.
On May 17 I have booked myself in for a local workshop in silver clay with Kathy Geurts of Studio Amara. I’ve never worked with fine silver before and I’m looking forward to that immensely. Kathy also works with polymer and says it teams up beautifully with silver and wondered if I would be keen to attend a polymer workshop. I certainly think it would be interesting and I’m willing to try out all sorts of new techniques and materials, particularly ones that can be worked with from home, without the use of a vast array of tools and equipment, and not necessarily in the studio.
This Saturday, though, I’ll be back in the studio, hammering, soldering, shaping, annealing, rolling, cutting and generally revelling in creating an object out of my most favourite material in the world.

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