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This Week’s Silver Trinkets

Here are the latest creations. I’ve had a strange week working with silver. Soldering was proving more difficult than usual, silver bails disintegrated and I found out that what I had ordered as 925 granules was actually sent to me as fine silver…squelch! On top of that I bashed the same finger three times until the wicked god of hammer impact was satisfied that I burst the bloodblister from the first hit. I invented new and interesting expletives.
From pain, however, comes fruition.
Above is “Fallen.” I had made the leaves a couple of weeks ago which were intended for “Fruit of the Vine” but they looked a little over the top so I left them out. The background of “Fallen” has been reticulated and textured and the bail has been soldered to the top. It seems to look best on a leather thong rather than a snake chain.
Below, on the right is “Winterscape”, again rolled, reticulated silver sheet, this time framed in thick silver wire. The central picture has been wired to the frame. I like making these but there is a lot of silver used and they are time consuming. At the moment, as with all my pieces, I’m simply trying out what seems to gather the most interest. Below left are the earrings I’ve named “Third Eye” – three concentric circles soldered, beaten and textured.

I really love these guys below, “Ensign” earrings. While I love the Golden Mean, the Fibonacci series and other precise patterns from nature I’m also a big fan of asymmetrical shapes, something that is evident in my work, I think. I like asymmetry because in humans in particular it creates intrigue (think beauty spots, freckles, scars and dimples).

3 comments on “This Week’s Silver Trinkets

  1. littlechrissy
    March 17, 2009

    Your jewellery is stunning.I love it so much I have given you an award.Swing by my blog to collect it any time!


    • kittykatmandoo
      May 28, 2013

      gosh, this is a very long time ago – i never did collect that award. completely skipped my mind but very much appreciated. a very belated thank you xx


  2. kittykatmandoo
    May 28, 2013

    Reblogged this on the shiny adventures of kittykatmandoo and commented:

    again, a revisit to an older post, this one from feb 2009. i miss working with silver. setting up a studio here in tuscany will happen…eventually…


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