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Return from Sydneyland

My lunch meeting with Jane Ulman from ABC’s Radio National went very well. It was lovely to catch up with her again and her response to my ideas was honest but heartening. Having said that, however, it won’t be until the new financial year (and a renewed budget for new work) until I hear for sure. I’ll have to rein in my whoops and hollers until then.
Sydney was lovely, though. It’s been a while since I’ve been there in the daytime and I had some time to kill before the meeting, so I walked down to Darling Harbour and had a coffee and croissant. I could have stayed there all day.
After lunch I found myself in Basement Books where I promptly spent $90 (books are the only items bought that I never feel I have to justify the reason or the amount spent ). Needless to say, shoving that amount of books into my bag broke the strap spectacularly and I, weighed down and centre of gravity all out of whack, had to tramp awkwardly back to Central (on my return to Bowral, I deposited my books onto the front seat of the car which it thought must be a small child and started pinging and flashing the ‘no seatbelt’ sign).
All in all it was a satisfying day but I always appreciate coming home the quiet of the Highlands.

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