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Working With Copper

For the last couple of months I’ve been contemplating copper. I haven’t worked with the metal before today and found it easy to get along with, more so than I thought it would be: I forgot to eat lunch!

I haven’t thought of names for either of them yet but both are reminiscent of cats’ eyes. The stones are ocean jasper and the greenish hues are lovely against the copper. for the first copper halo I have used Copperflow solder to achieve the lighter tones and have rendered a beaten, highly polished texture that casts reflected light off its hammered facets. The halo of the second piece has had fine silver fused with it, creating an interesting reticulated two-toned effect. I have reused the Ocean Halo design for both pieces as it has so much potential in regards to the type of stone used, the texture, detail and finish of the inside and outside, metal type, width and shape…ultimately the variations (and my design segues) are infinite. An order should arrive anyday now containing amethyst, sodalite, varicite and fluorite oval tabular beads. I can’t wait!

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