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Cartography, Lunar Calendars, Place Names

As part of the notes that accompany each draft, I have had to research everything from sedge grass to galleons, pony endurance to whelks. The latest overhall has included a revamped lunar calendar with a character itinerary and distances travelled each day (easy enough), and a new map. The problem is this: I haven’t a drop of cartographer’s blood in me. While it is so much easier to have everything fanned out in front of me when I want to check on consistency/continuity, instead of rifling through folders of notes, I cringe everytime I look at the callow little map pinned to the board. Blerrggh. No overinflated sense of scale or topography here…
Although it needs improvement (lots) I have shelved it for a few days in order to edit and type my character and place names list, making it a comprehensive reference guide that is in my field of vision at all times and not squirreled away inside an exercise book.
Music I’m working to today: Silk Road Journeys

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This entry was posted on June 18, 2009 by in creativity.


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