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Wood Carving

What fantastic wood! The brunette colours and arcing grain are something else. Ken cut these pieces for me as soon as I’d grappled with and discussed a couple of ideas with him, only problem is, he’s had the wood for twenty years and can’t remember what it’s called. He is sure it is tropical and probably African. Narrows it down a bit.
“But…Wood?” I hear you ask. “I thought you like silver and copper.”
I do. This is just the beginning.
The illustration is the done-to-death cherry blossom but it is an experimental piece that I needed to play around with, carving something both plain (the branches)and intricate (the unfinished blossoms) on a material I’ve never worked with before. The shiny bits and even a little colour will come later…as will the aforementioned writing, photography, and sculpture elements. I’m not giving too much away at the moment simply because the ideas are in an ethereal stage. They’ll solidify as I go.

2 comments on “Wood Carving

  1. incalesco
    July 8, 2009

    Wow I can't wait to see the finished piece!


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