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Silvery Pieces for Silvery Friends

Two pieces accomplished today; special requests for some special friends.
The first is a brooch for Ree in honour of her Dad who, as well as being a top salt-of-the-earth bloke and an outstanding vegie grower, was also a keen opal miner at White Cliffs. He died last year in July and Ree was keen to commemorate him with an abstract design that included a couple of the opals he had mined.

The second piece is a pendant for Robyn, who loves all things Egyptian. The design is conceived in the vein of the ‘ankh’, the symbol or ‘key’ of eternal life. Historically, the Egyptians invariably crafted this item in gold rather than silver, but with gold prices the dizzy heights they are at the moment, silver it is! I also wanted this item to look old and ‘mummified’ – without the reticulation the original pendant looked a little too fresh. The leather thong also suits it better that the snake chain I had initially paired it with.

All in all a pleasant day’s segue from my usual work.

One comment on “Silvery Pieces for Silvery Friends

  1. incalesco
    August 19, 2009

    How lovely to be able to make some pieces with such special meaning. They will be treasured forever, well done!


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