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Spring Hath Sprung

On Sunday I turned earth like there was no tomorrow, fertilized and spread straw. The straw is great mulch as it insulates growing seedlings, keeps in the moisture (even through last summer’s heat waves) and has the added bonus of being a wonderful deterrent for cats wanting to use the garden as a giant ensuite.
My aim is to extend this garden another 3m x 1m both sides.

The back left hand quadrant still has a few vestiges from last year: parsley (curly and Continental), oregano, spring onions and leeks.

The vegie patch now takes up 1/3 of our back yard.
Some stunted ‘rescues’: coriander and chard. After three days inside with their feet in a bowl of water they have already begun growing. I’ll baby them in punnets for a few more weeks as we had a monster frost this morning.

My about-to-bloom spring onions. These are way too furry to eat and the gooey sap would put anyone off attempting it, but I didn’t have the heart to remove them when they’re just about to flower. Can’t wait to see those mauve pompoms!

Last autumn’s privet leaves and spring’s lobelia.

It’s a shame not to be able to get the ‘true blue’ of these flowers. Their colour makes my optic nerve ache.

One of two glorious weeping cherry trees in the back yard who managed to hang onto their blossoms despite the August winds.

Bees busy at work on the rosemary flowers. Someone must have said, “Oi! It’s September the 1st!” because they just turned up on cue.

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