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Visual Inspiration

These photographs have all been taken with stories in mind, not the other way round. The second they fell into my lens they lost their origins and became prominent locations and landmarks in another world.

Writing isn’t all about the stark word on the naked page. The word is arranged with others, creating a multifaceted garment that itself becomes further multidimensional as each reader extracts individual pictures. It’s bloody hard work to get it that way without the cogs showing through the seams. The physical act of writing, therefore, equally deserves an environment that employs all the senses.

Paintings, photographs, certain pieces of music and – to paraphrase the overphrased – the smell and taste of the Madeleine dipped in tea, all contribute to inspiration. Yet even when undertaking the technical necessities, like line editing and outlining plots after the initial Muse-light has gone on, for me it’s vital that these sensory elements surround me, regardless of whether I’m aware of them or not.

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This entry was posted on September 30, 2009 by in creativity.


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