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The Insert Key Makes Me Cry

That there is at all an Insert key never ceases to wow me. That my keyboard has been designed with the this relic from the DOS era above Backspace and beside Delete really makes me wail.
I type looking at the keyboard, the screen in my mind letting me know if and when I’ve made a typo – except, of course, if I have accidentally nudged the Insert key. With half a page devoured I have often wanted to apply this key’s namesake to the nostril of the genius behind it.
But…I’ve discovered here a way to give the insert key the surgery-free neutering it required.
So outwardly it still looks like any ordinary key, it’s just that there’s no chance of it breeding strange sentences ever again. Insert has been rendered sterile and meek.

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This entry was posted on October 12, 2009 by in creativity.


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