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We’ll be seein’ cabbages in our sleep tonight, lads!

Of the four cabbage seedlings (2 red and 2 green) I planted in late October all four survived and thrived, in spite of whole platoons of slugs and the sun being blotted from the sky daily with randy cabbage moths. I owe some of the credit to the occasional use of pyrethrum spray, bird-friendly iron-based snail pellets and Derris Dust, all of which wage war against vegetarian beasties without being too toxic. However, Derris Dust (rotenone) is under a bit of scrutiny and studies have been conducted that possibly link overuse/prolonged use of the product with Parkinson’s disease. Studies are on monkeys and rats, so I’m dubious. I’ve only ever used Derris Dust twice while I was away for several days as after all the effort I didn’t want to come home to filigreed leaves. I thoroughly soak and wash all vegies and herbs from the garden and the market, and I doubt it’s going to be a problem. But I think in future I will consider alternatives. By the way the whitish ‘powder’ on the red cabbage below is actually dew.
The first to be harvested weighed in at 2.2kg. Half of it promptly went into a chicken coleslaw.

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This entry was posted on January 9, 2010 by in creativity.


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