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How do you solve a problem like zucchini…?

Well, it isn’t a problem, as such. But I never seem to learn this fact: one zucchini plant is ample for two people.
Anyone who grows the stuff will understand the issue I have with a zuke glut. The fruits seem to swell overnight, even doubling in size. And they hide. You might go out to harvest zucchini ‘fingerlings’ and, heavens to Betsy, next thing you know there’s a phallic one-eyed marrow peering up at you from beneath the fronds.
So I promptly forgot my own rule (yet again) and put in two plants when I was having to buy zuke and actually looked forward to eating it.
Now I am utterly sick of it. I have tired of zucchini fritters, quiche with zucchini, zuke and tomato gumbo, zucchini baked, fried or with pasta. I have yet to make a zucchini flower risotto but I think this season I could probably pass. Beyond that I’ll be reaching for Jamie or Nigella for a culinary inspiration. And, as the name zucchini conjures spontaneous inappetence, I’ll call them courgettes.

One comment on “How do you solve a problem like zucchini…?

  1. ChallenCharms
    January 29, 2010

    Zucchini Slice is nice, if that helps at all :p. Thanks for the heads up thought because I am looking into growing my own veggies soon.


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