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Not *Another* Veggie Garden Post

Yes, I’m afraid it is until I get back into the silvery trinkets of Kittykatmandoo (this coming Tuesday, if Mr. Raffe has returned). I have enough here to keep me ticking over with smaller pieces but I really need a decent flame gun. The brûlée burner is getting somewhat long in the tooth.

So, till then, the topic is veggies.
Since we extended the vegetable patch in December I have planted in every space possible and we can now expect an abundance of lettuce, red and brown onions and leeks. The corn, potatoes, tomatoes and herbs are healthy and delicious. I also discovered yesterday morning that my green bean flowers have decided to grow up and become real beans and they (along with our English spinach) became a side dish to the thyme-poached chicken I made last night.
I’m still fighting a war with cabbage moths and slugs but I’ve become a callous harpy these last few weeks and now squish whatever comes within my reach.
No prisoners.
No mercy.
No chance of becoming a Buddhist.
Next week I’ll buy some organic garlic which should be ready to plant out in April. By that time the tomato quadrant (which also contains the zucchini monsters – I mean, courgettes – and a handful of radishes) will have been turned and re-mulched ready for the turnips, garlic and cavolfiore seedlings.
“whoa – cavol what?”
Cavolfiore. A.K.A. Romanesco broccoli.
AM and I have a a bit of healthy competition going to see who can produce the most of this notoriously difficult to grow cauliflower. I have to grow at least one – just look at it rocking out to Fibonacci and Mandelbrot!

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