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Last of the Summer Harvest

While I still have a quadrant of potatoes and corn to be harvested in the next week, and a border of red and brow onions and leeks, three of my garden quadrants are winding to a close. This Sunday will be spent pulling out the finished tomato vine, the rain-rotted icebergs and transplanting my slug/insect-ravaged silverbeet to quarters closer to the marigolds.


The beans are still prolific and we’re eating a good delicious handful each of them every third night as we have been for the last four weeks. The radishes had been swamped by the zucchini leaves until I took one of the monster plants out.
I’ve deliberately left this zucchini to turn into a marrow as it will be seedstock for next zuke season. We had such a mega haul of these veggies for so long (mentioned in a previous post) that I had to be really creative with them. The best way I’ve had them to date is steamed and then blended with olive oil, sweated garlic, fresh basil, and tomatoes that had been oven roasted with marjoram, thyme and oregano. We had thinned some of it with stock for soup and the rest was put in the freezer. In its thickened form it will be ideal as a pizza base or tossed through pasta. In the meantime, we have one single courgette left to eat, and then I won’t want another one until about November.

What our garden has left after the torrential rain that heralded plagues of unthwarted slugs and snails: chillies, chives, basil, grub-addled rocket, anaemic broad beans, self-seeded dill and fennel, marjoram, oregano and parsley, cos lettuce and the aforementioned leeks, onions and beans. Much planting to be done this weekend.

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This entry was posted on February 27, 2010 by in creativity.


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