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Getting Used to a New Routine

My first week at the new job has been interesting. It’s a nice environment to work in, even though, when learning a new office admin system (I’m a Windows user getting used to a Mac again – ee gads), the first day was predictably a little angst-ridden. I did have a taste of InDesign and made updates to an existing advertisement as well as wielded my writerly hand to help proof and edit a report.
However, with the sudden rearrangement of my routine – including 5am awakenings in order to get my daily hour in at the gym – I don’t think I’ve ever felt this sleepy. Bring on the end of daylight saving, please.
We won’t be movie-going this weekend because, a.) I don’t fancy paying to sit through another Scorcese-loves-DiCaprio waffle, b.) we’re going to see Alice in Wonderland with friends at a later date and, c.) there is little else that we haven’t already seen/is worth seeing. I’m not a chickflick chick, so Dear John, It’s Complicated, and Valentine’s Day I’ll save as choose-your-own punishments in hell.
Instead, this weekend will be spent on the first tutorial and assignment of my diploma, working out what to write for next Saturday’s Cowshed Class, and – all boding well with the weather (eek!) – going to A Day on the Green to see Diana Krall. And then – hurrah! – I have Monday off.

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This entry was posted on March 5, 2010 by in creativity.


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