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Some Jewellery, Actually…

Since November, my creative energy and time have been absorbed by writing novels and, more recently, by earning a living working for a graphic design company and studying for my Diploma of Design. I’m loving it all, however, my silversmithery and jewellery making have very much been knocked down a few rungs in terms of priority. The last item I crafted at Ken’s was five months ago. Not so great for blogging. So I’ve dug out a couple of items made at home during those rare spare moments.

Necklace #1
Sodalite and Variscite, interspersed with Haematite beads.

Necklace #2
Tiger Eye and Glass Beads
Necklace #3
Fine Silver, Onyx and Javanese Glass Beads

Bracelet #1
Variscite and Haematite

Bracelet #2
Tibetan Agate and Onyx

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This entry was posted on April 29, 2010 by in creativity.


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