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Spring and the Muse

The frost has thawed, the blackbirds are cheerful along the Wingecarribee River and I’m brimming with story again. Looking over my shoulder at the equinox, it’s safe to say springtime has arrived. And I didn’t just welcome it, but crashed  into its arms. The past winter hasn’t been so much creatively stagnant as writing-absent – and this, I remind myself every year, is normal. During winter, my muse (seeking warmer climes, no doubt) house-swaps with someone who likes to sew and read, and other such contemplative pastimes.
The writing part of me mostly hibernates during these months. I do write, just nothing that makes me go ‘ZOMG’. A lot of ‘ideas cellaring’ and note-taking happens, but it’s all abstract. It’s like foraging for chestnuts beneath the snow.
For me, writing and walking are connected, and I recognise the impending return of the muse when I crave a long walk. The muse whispers between strides and fellow amblers and bike riders will see me in motion with the pencil to the notebook.
Does anyone else experience this type of seasonal ‘muselessness’? What do you do to combat it? Or do you ride with it and know it’ll come back sooner or later?

4 comments on “Spring and the Muse

  1. WriterBee
    September 24, 2010

    Hi Alison, I came across to see what you'd decided to do after your break from blogging. Interesting to see you decided on two separate blogs. Good luck. Hope it goes well for you.As far as the muse goes, I have down times but never for very long. If a project isn't working I move across to something else. Or write in my journal until something sparks. Or read for inspiration. Or listen to podcasts of short stories. Or get together if I can with a writing buddy. And exercise works for me too. Nothing like fresh air and walking…Anyway, welcome back to the land of blogging!


  2. Alison Boyd
    September 24, 2010

    Thank you, WriterBee! Might I see you at the Poetry Festival next weekend?


  3. WriterBee
    September 27, 2010

    I won't be going to the poetry festival but the poetry festival is coming to me. We have invited some friends for a dinner at which the poet Peter Bakowski will read some of his work. A bit of Culture in Mole Creek! Apparently he quite often reads poetry in private homes. It should be great fun I think. Everyone's really looking forward to it.


  4. Alison Boyd
    October 3, 2010

    I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time, WriterBee. I've just come back to the Highlands from Launceston – I saw Peter read several times over the weekend, and what a fabulous poet he is.


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