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Some More Buttons…

I love working with copper – the colours and texture that can be coaxed from this metal make my heart sing.
It’s also somewhat cheaper per gram than silver. And with China being urged to buy precious metals (which is predicted to spike silver prices), I think I’ll be making my crush on copper a long term relationship.
Copper and silver set each other off beautifully. 
And while these, unattached, don’t look terribly interesting at the moment, as with the buttons in the previous post, I have designs for these…
But the hardest part will be dragging the sewing machine out. 

2 comments on “Some More Buttons…

  1. EBriel
    November 14, 2010

    Beautiful work. I'm a copper fan too. Also look forward to seeing what you and your sister come up with for your new magazine!


  2. Alison Boyd
    November 17, 2010

    Thanks EBriel!


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