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Eye Candy to Inspire Me

Too long have other commitments ensured I leave this blog to gather dust. By now you’ll have all read the poetry post, ten times over, haven’t you? So it’s time for another post.

Tiling a post with images could be considered lazy posting for a writing blog – and in my case, today, it probably is – but in reality a writer relies on so many other senses and stimuli to shade the background that forms the word, and the visual is just one small aspect.

The wall and screen that surrounds my desk is cluttered with many visual prompts and cues, from mirror balls and millefiore trade beads, to doodles and sketches made by myself and my sister; I’ve filled a scrapbook with photographs and clippings from the travel section of newspapers. Then there are maps of the world, the two muse prints who wait on their seven other sisters to arrive in a little art shop in town, Libby Bulloff’s The Wreck of the Medusa, Solomon J. Solomon’s Ajax and Cassandra, and countless photos of Northern Irish cliffs and oceans and cats and various threefold beasts.
Here a just a few more images to end this lazy post on

One comment on “Eye Candy to Inspire Me

  1. Victoria Vogue
    November 8, 2010

    These photographs are marvellous! I particularly like the cat 🙂


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