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High School Letters

The second edition of Disinflection has been snapped up, and I’m looking forward to my sister’s side of the tale for the third edition. In the process of putting my half together, I’ve been amusing myself with old letters, particularly the kind that were passed underhandedly from desk to desk at high school. 

Twenty years later, I wonder if writing letters is done at all anymore. I imagine these days it would be in the form of texting short, sharp, abbreviated quips – which I think is a shame. After all, you can’t keep sms-es stuffed in a bag at the back of a cupboard, to be rediscovered in another time and place, with glee.
Yes, here are mere few: almost two decades old; yellowed; cringeworthy; possibly incriminating (and therefore last names – and some first names – have been hidden), but also poignant.
These words are from a time, place and people that have entered and exited my field of vision; they document the last days of adolescence, albeit with crappy spelling and grammar, and inane subjects that once upon a time filled our worlds.

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This entry was posted on February 6, 2011 by in creativity.


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