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Guest Writer #6 – Emma Kirsopp

Sometimes Words Are All I Have…

…because the image is so entirely complete that to re imagine it would diminish its original beauty.

The importance of text has become more apparent to me over the last few months. When I make an image, in any medium and for any purpose, words, composed in poetic phrase develop around the creation of the image. They always have done. Until recently, though, I always disregarded the text.

My imagery is often inspired wholly or in part by a poem, essay or story. There is something in the interdependency of words and images that appeals to me. A relationship that, in its simplest form, is represented by the illustrations in a book.

when I see something that catches my attention and makes me look again, my mind begins to compose words in response to this visual experience.

This marriage of text and image also occurs the other way round; 

I am now allowing the words and images to develop side by side, supportive of each other but not exclusively codependent and no longer torn up and hidden away.
Nape of your neck that cradles an animal poise
from which you enter and exit this fragile humanity.
Turn it now toward the roaring crowds.


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This entry was posted on June 27, 2011 by in creativity.


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