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Where I Write

I write the way I walk. I need a regular change of scenery, otherwise I tire of it and will make excuses to go and play with fire and silver, or Twitter.

I like a number of different pens, although not any single one is my favourite. Pencils are great if you’re lying in bed and writing. Fountain pens get the words down fast.

I have an office for typing what I have written by hand, but what I write by hand has to be done in different places. This is where the car office is good. I started doing this at my sister’s suggestion when my house was being renovated and before I could escape to my studio, which hadn’t been born yet. I could escape to my car, which had comfy chairs and was mobile and that meant I could be in almost any place that felt write-worthy.

Today I’m at the Bradman cricket oval. It’s overcast and stormy and a Monday and I have the carpark and an oak tree to myself. Zoe Keating‘s cello strings dance up forests in the background and I have another hour before the ironing lady vacates the house and probably another hour before I need to eat.

I feel that I do my most prolific writing when in the car office.  I don’t take my laptop, now, as I’m inclined to check my emails. In my car office I have no distractions…and no excuse.

How and where do you do your best writing?

2 comments on “Where I Write

  1. Fiercely Yours
    February 13, 2012

    I do my best writing in silence near a window, but lately I’ve been attracted to Taco Bell. It’s cheaper than Starbucks and you get free refills. Good post.


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