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Crossing Streams

Back when I wrote this post I was dead certain that I needed to separate my creativity into discrete neat categories.

Do I still think that’s necessary? From a marketing perspective, probably. But here’s the clincher: if you do a lot of different creative things the more posts on different blogs required, and the more blogs written about what you do that you’d like people to read then demands the employment social networking and other marketing. The more this takes place, the less time is spent on what really matters in the first place: Creativity.

After eighteen months of tenuously running two blogs, I’ve returned to the conclusion that creativity needs to run and ramble before it is honed – but my focus has slipped sideways to the belief that getting my stuff out there is more important, leaving me short on quality time, and constrained in terms of that honing.

And anyway, does creativity really need to be defined and catalogued according whether it is art, silver or writing? I thought it did. However, passive research (ie, reading other blogs such as this one and this one) leads me time and time again to follow blogs that are eclectic, photographic, quirky and creative. Travel writing lies alongside thumbnail sketches and snatches of poetry and recipes, images of beetles, vegetable gardens, what is made to sell at markets, etc. These are blogs that show the entire palette of a the blogger’s creativity, and where someone’s creative pursuits fork and cross streams and soak into their lives is for me the most interesting.

I had much more fun blogging when I was doing this myself, when I wasn’t thinking, “I need to get this out here, and that out there”; when I wasn’t worried about, “what audience are you writing for?” (a difficult university-ism to shake even 4 years on).
crossing streams

So, I’m crossing my own stream to walk on the less hilly bank (albeit more brackeny, brambly, foresty side) and regrafting the writing blog to Kittykatmandoo.

Perhaps someone else has an underfed blog that they once thought a good idea to start? What made you start another and what has stopped you from tending to it? Or maybe having two works for you – how do you make it work?

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