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Saturday Copper Clay Workshop

copper clay kittkatmandoo

It has been three years since I went to a silver clay workshop, with promises to myself that I would join the polymer workshop (I’ve yet to do so).
The copper clay workshop yesterday was once again run by Kathy Geurts of Studio Amara. I went into it armed with sketches of designs I wished to make…none of which eventuated. Instead I got entrenched in the joyous process of making something by hand, all day, with no distractions (other than brioche hot cross buns).

copper clay kittykatmandoo 2

Do I think metal clay is easier than traditional silver and copper working methods? In almost every way, yes.  You can impress a texture into the clay that stays true through firing, you tend to use all the leftover pieces without the usual odd-angles and the need to smelt down offcuts, and there is oh so much less polishing, no soldering, sawing (and therefore no loss of metal) and there is a unique softness to the end product that has a beautiful organic feel because it has been hand formed. It is a little messy, but so is the traditional way, and because you’re working with clay which needs to be dried before firing, you may need to repair cracks, and it was during the repair of such cracks that parts began to fall off once of my pieces. But the beauty of it is that, after it has been fired, I can solder and tool using traditional methods.

copper clay kittykatmandoo 3I managed to get five simple pieces fired and burnished but due to the time it takes to dry and then fire, I will be collecting two of them next Sunday.

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