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Fox Updates

What has become of the fox?
My teacher, Ken Raffe, said that it would be a shame to keep Sir Fox penned up in a sketch book and thought that he might do well framed. But as the sketch was simply intended to be an exercise, I hadn’t planned ahead. I leapt into the composition without thinking of composition and thought that what I’d started might just end up as kindling, anyway.
Instead, I filled up my page right up to the edges with a fox I rather like.
To frame it would close him in. Mounted on art board, I suppose, would look fine, but I wanted something more than that. So what would do him justice? A collage, I thought, using hand-dyed handmade paper in Autumn tones combined with some outlining in brown, charcoal and china white – that should pop him forward.

fox collage

Although he’s still some way from being complete I now have a clearer idea of where I’m going and Vulpes Vulpes has plenty of air around his ears. However I’m also open to any suggestions for techniques from other artists!

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