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Think. Speak. And feline persistence.

I managed to crank out an underwhelming 5oo words of my novel today.I’m afraid writing in my studio is not a good idea as the cats can see me through the glass, and if they see me, they meow and if I ignore them, they meow, and if I let them in they tour the studio, sit on things they shouldn’t and meow to go out again. When I let them out they sit and shiver on the doormat and meow.

Howard and Vincent

And tell me how you could say ‘no’ to these two imps?

I get far more writing done when I use the upstairs office because I can’t see or hear the cats. Even better in the car office because there isn’t a fridge or a kettle.
Anyway, I gave up writing for the day. Instead, I got out the saw and stamps and modified this pendant…

spiral pendant

So that it now looks like this:

Think Speak Pendant

Still a few things to do to it. Perhaps a little texture and engraving  on the spirals’ ‘stalk’. I will also drill out the centre of each spiral so that each one has a ‘window’ (not for lack of trying today, only to discover the drill bits were as blunt as a thumb!).
And why “think/speak”? As a child I learned the mantra, “think before you speak.” Whether it was always put into practise is another matter. As an adult, I find myself often thinking too much and missing opportunities to speak for fear of being put on the spot, or feeling like I need to think about things a bit more.

So, think/speak it is.

I now leave the silversmithery and get back to writerly business.

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