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To Italy and Beyond

In thirteen hours time, I will be on a plane and bound for Italy. I will be joining a Women’s Own Adventure with Joanne Fedler, writing and walking through Tuscany for ten days before R joins me for a tour around the rest of the country for another fifteen days. The final three days we will slum it at Lake Como. Hard life.

I made the decision to go to Italy after attending a writing retreat held by Joanne Fedler last September. Marika from Women’s Own Adventure also attended and at the end of the retreat she handed out information on the writing and walking tour of Tuscany. I knew immediately, down to my bones, that I would be there.

That was nine months ago. The prospect of Italy has been gestating all that while, and I’m due today. Like any mother, not having met the country before, I have created my own fiction about how it will be, all the while knowing it will be very little like I’ve pictured (aside from the gratuitous Tuscan Castellos of film and photographs and Jamie Oliver cooking shows). The expectations and the actual will eclipse when I land in Italy and begin the journey and, at the end of the holiday, it will be difficult to recall what those imaginings were. If I do remember, they’ll probably seem ridiculous, uncoloured, too bright, narrowed – but they’re as necessary as hormones.

About mid-way, I went through the the anxieties of travelling on my own to a country I’ve never been to: how will I cope/I’ll be leaving R for two weeks/ how will I understand the language/what if, what if, what if. I quickly discarded all worries as vain and ridiculous and instead allowed myself enjoy myriad levels of excitement. Today my stomach is a little knot of squeeeee…

I’m going to Italy! To write and walk – two of my greatest loves!

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