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Kittykatmandoo pre-Italy Jewellery Sale

My move to Italy is T-minus 13 days and counting. I have never been so busy or tired in my life – or so excited.

I will be establishing the Kittykatmandoo studio at some stage in the future (read: lugging tools and drills halfway round the world) although the remainder of 2012 is ruled out for any further jewellery creation. Bespoke creations excepted.

I have a few items (pictured above) on Etsy that I have dropped to sale prices. I’d love to see these walk out the door – if nothing else, so I don’t have to carry them in already bulging luggage!

For those of you who haven’t purchased through this store, Etsy is a safe (if any spending can be called safe!) and secure shopping portal.

The sale will last 9 days from today – August 30 2012 – until next Wednesday August 8…or until sold out. If you need to ask questions, please use the form on Etsy or on the form on theKittykatmandoo website (please note that the form plays up if using older versions of Explorer – if that’s the case, try Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari as a browser).

I will be updating my Etsy stock and prices throughout the day – more to come!


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