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Branching Off

I’ve just returned from a beautiful weekend spent with friends from the writing tour.

Some of the women writers from the Tuscany tour

I’ve come away from there refreshed and still-minded and now I’m packed and ready.
When I say ‘packed and ready’, I have filled 3 tea chests with books, printmaking supplies and all the worldly things I think I will need and probably never use.
I have Ken Raffe’s ridiculously large ‘Towers of the Future’ painting, ready to tote along with me – something I could never part with.
I have sold all my jewellery stock, pared back and whittled down everything else from ‘the important’ to ‘the vital’.
When I arrive in Toscana, I have a soft place to fall short term while I finalise the organisation of long term accommodation.

And I have begun to say farewell to friends and family, and this process will continue until Friday.

I am exhausted and happy and I know none of the realisation will hit home until I am on that plane, on Sunday, six days from now.

The view at breakfast this morning at my friends’ place

2 comments on “Branching Off

  1. Amber Mumma
    August 6, 2012

    Love xoxoxo


  2. Kerry
    August 6, 2012

    Hey Ali, glad you feel refreshed! I do too and I’m just heading back to Alice, not Tuscany…for now!
    Let me know when any printmaking/writing/walking/jewellry making/fun anyway workshops are coming up and I might just see you there. Love the photo, can you e-mail it to me? Forward ho Ali..


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