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Sterling Silver Tags

I spent yesterday afternoon and evening in Ken’s studio, finishing off the commemorative gifts for the Tuscan writing tour group members…and they’re now at last burnished bright and ready to be posted to everyone.


It makes me feel a little strange to think that these are the last items that were made in both the Kittykatmandoo (Australian version) and Ken’s studios.

However, whatever piece I make next – and wherever my studio will be – it will be proudly Italian made!

2 comments on “Sterling Silver Tags

  1. Julie Mundy
    August 8, 2012

    Hi Kittykatmandoo – what a fantastic adventure you are embarking on – to my favourite European country – lucky/clever you for making it happen. Hey – I wanted to buy one of your Aurora or Smoulder pendants, but the links don’t seem to work via Etsy (says you ar eon holiday) and I can’t see how to buy on your website? Perhaps you’ve already gone or shut up shop? Let me know! Julie


    • kittykatmandoo
      August 8, 2012

      Hi Julie, yes, very fantastic indeed – a little scary, a lot exciting!
      I’m sorry but the Smoulder and Aurora pendants went on Sunday – along with the rest of my stock. I put it on sale and it walked out the door! Which is great as it saves having to cart it halfway across the planet. I have to update that post… I will keep you in mind to let you know when I set up studio over there, although it won’t be for some months yet. Lots to do in the meantime. Thanks for you support! Ali


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