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What to do when your jewellery blog suffers from an identity crisis

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I need to ‘do something’ about my blog. Really. It is supposed to be all about jewellery and design but somewhere (ooh, say, around June of 2012) it suddenly put on the dual mask of travel diary-cum-agony aunt.

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Yesterday  marked my 5 months of living in Italy. I celebrated by still having the flu as I (and half of Europe, apparently) have done all year thus far.

With so much down time within walls I have finally given up wishing my lungs were capable of supporting a jaunty jog through the bosco, and I’ve done all the possible fopping about the house in my ciabattas, up and down (there’s only so much space in a 2.5 floor cassettina). All the while, the subject of the Kittykatmandoo blog has been like a grass seed in my sock.

And so, after much jotting and spider-diagramming and other things that are thinly-veiled modes by which to lead my mind away from the task at hand (a.k.a. my TEFL assignments), yesterday I came to the decision that the ‘something’ I need to ‘do’ about my blog is to return it to its former (if not rugged and patchy) state of being: that of a jewellery and design blog. Things I have made. How I have made them. What other people have made that tickle my fancy…that sort of thing.

In the meantime, I’m in the process of setting up another blog for all things Italian and will document more than just my whimsy (there’s a fair bit o’ history ‘n’ cultcha here, y’know). This means that posts about Italy currently on Kittykatmandoo will be transplanted to another blog, aptly and bluntly named Ali in Italia. Sure, I’ve done this sort of thing before, and then decided it was not the best thing to have two on the go. Spreading myself thin, maybe. At this point in time I feel I need to split the two…and then make some of the posts mysteriously vanish…

…That’s another point I want to bring up: I am all for honest writing – the blacky black shadows alongside the surgeons’ light, the creeping cringeworthy, etc – except when it’s my own writing.

Faaark…I cringe to read some of what I’ve blogged about my first weeks in Italy, and the weeks before my decision to come here. I seemed so…well…very sad and alone indeed in so many of the posts. They’re terribly introverted and less about what was going on outside of myself an I cringe at them now because they aren’t what I am at this point in time. I wear a different skin these days to the one I was sloughing back then, and so it can be pretty hard to read back on those posts. Poetry is a different matter – it’s amazing how well you can hide amongst so few words.

Anyway, things have moved on. The existential crisis (this one) is over. It’s time to change wardrobes. Meet me at Ali in Italia for less angst and more of what Italy is all about. Food, wine, people, friendship, language, art, bloody gruesome history and Berlusconi.

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