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This Week’s Silver Trinkets

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again, a revisit to an older post, this one from feb 2009. i miss working with silver. setting up a studio here in tuscany will happen…eventually…

Alison Boyd Artist

Here are the latest creations. I’ve had a strange week working with silver. Soldering was proving more difficult than usual, silver bails disintegrated and I found out that what I had ordered as 925 granules was actually sent to me as fine silver…squelch! On top of that I bashed the same finger three times until the wicked god of hammer impact was satisfied that I burst the bloodblister from the first hit. I invented new and interesting expletives.
From pain, however, comes fruition.
Above is “Fallen.” I had made the leaves a couple of weeks ago which were intended for “Fruit of the Vine” but they looked a little over the top so I left them out. The background of “Fallen” has been reticulated and textured and the bail has been soldered to the top. It seems to look best on a leather thong rather than a snake chain.

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