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An Object of Meaning – Art, Writing, Photography


Today’s object – or rather ‘objects’ – of meaning are my instruments of creativity.

I’ve made art and written stories and poetry ever since I was little, photography came somewhat later (as it was before the era of – 110 film cassettes in my case!! – and developing photos was expensive) and I can’t say the love for words, colour, line and wild imaginings has ever vanished – though there were years, great waste periods, where I hadn’t the time nor the energy to put my heart and soul into either. It was easier to think, “I should be doing something else” – unfortunately gullible little me found it easier to believe these ‘shoulds’ when others suggested them. It’s a shame that youth doesn’t always have the confidence and tenacity to see things for what they are…having said that, I’m still learning that trick 😉

The first on the list are my Lyra pencils. I love them; they’re thick, versatile and the pigments are rich, true and long lasting.


Then there are my brushes. I don’t have many, but I spend money on good quality types that won’t shed and last a while. I buy them as I need them, even though I melt when I see virginal brushes in art shops. But then I melt, too, at copper wire, new notebooks and sharpened pencils.

Artsupplies3 Artsupplies4



My diehard delight, my faithful-as-a-dog, secondhand Panasonic Lumix digital camera. I paid a friend AU$120 for it and another wide-angled lens. It has been all over Europe with me, but was christened here in Italy, when I came the first time. It shoots beautiful macro photos from 50 paces.




And finally, my fountain pen inks. I love writing by hand and often set myself the challenge of writing until the ink runs out of a pen. Unfortunately my fountain pen has become clogged and, as it’s around 15 years old, it may be time for a new one. At the moment I’m using lead pencils, because I write at any angle (read: lying down). The challenge isn’t the same, though: my lust for ferociously sharpened pencils has been known to be a cause for distraction.



What floats your boat? What are your favourite creative objects of meaning?

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