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Silversmithery of the past – gifts and wotnot

 Following on from the previous Silversmithery of the Past post.

An odd eclectic selection – some of these items were commissioned, others were gifts to friends, or commissioned by friends for loved ones. Some of them are my favourite, undesigned ‘mistakes’.

Saturday Silversmithery - Large Hoop Earrings

Sterling silver hoop earrings on hooks, satin finished.

My friend wanted movement rather than large rigid hoops that connect directly at the ear. Hooks did the trick. These twinnies live in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia.

Some Jewellery, Actually...

Tibetan agate and brushed onyx bracelet.

Love these beads. Very simple little number that I believe lives mostly in London these days.

Week in review #3

Sterling silver and fine silver reticulated asymmetrical earrings.

They were the second pair to go and live with my friend in the Southern Highlands, along with the grande hoops.

Silvery Pieces for Silvery Friends

Sterling silver and Australian abstract opal brooch.

A commission by my friend Ree to commemorate her father after he passed.

He was, amongst many good things, an opal miner. These are three of his treasures.

Silvery Pieces for Silvery Friends

Close up – prior to polishing off all my finger prints and file marks!

Latest Creations

Sterling silver and malachite abstract pendant.

The abstract pendant above I horridly name “Fruit of the Vine” (remind me to never ever to name things again). Last time I saw this worn by my friend it was in such need of a decent polish! Which means it’s being worn to bits…but if you’re reading this, Ree, a silver cloth goes a long way 😉

Silvery Pieces for Silvery Friends

Sterling silver reticulated Ank.

Excuse the terrible photo – it was taken with a very old camera about 6 or 7 years ago.
The ank – key of life – was made for a friend in Coogee.

This Week's Silver Trinkets

Sterling silver reticulated leaf pendant.

Technically, the leaf pendant above was listed and sold via Etsy and went to live with Joanne Fedler. And then I went on Jo’s writing and walking retreat in Tuscany – and never came home!
So it definitely warrants a big loud mention.

fox pendant

Foxton’s Fox – Fine silver fused with copper

Foxton’s Fox was made as a thank you for an immensely talented designer and artist friend who helped with my logo (the one at the top of the blog and on my website).
He was hand cut from copper and all his ‘points’ were silver fused. He lives on the east coast of Australia, near Wollongong.

Saturday Silversmithery - Copper and Fine Silver Abstract Pendant

Copper and Fine Silver Abstract Pendant.

The writer I mentioned earlier – with the leaf pendant – ran a writing workshop (her very first) and all participants had to give a gift that was of some value – not necessarily monetarily, but of value to the . These would be given randomly as a name was drawn.
The value in this abstract pendant was that, after finishing university, I was creatively kaput, and this was the first item I’d made after my hiatus. Anyone who’s tried to fuse silver with copper knows it can be such a forced issue! But it ‘broke the bleak’, so to speak, and so it was, by random selection, that a lady called Michelle who was the writer’s publicist, was the recipient.


Freshwater pearl and haematite necklace

This necklace was one of those items that looks pretty stock standard and simple without a neck, but worn it’s quite understated and elegant. Always liked the uneven white with the black perfect metallic.
Given as a gift, it lives on Monte Amiata.


Sterling silver cephalopod.

The cephalopod was perhaps the third item I ever made, when I was still completely under the influence of fusing scrap together and seeing what I could get out of it. Antidesign – it’s good for the soul.
This one cohabits by the sea in Sydney with the Ank.


Sterling silver stamped tags

The sterling silver stamped tags – stamped Dream / Write were made as gifts to all the women who were on the writing and walking tour with me in June 2012. They all shared in a part of what was the beginning of my giant launch into a completely new and not unscary life. A shiny slip of gratitude for that.


Variscite, haematite and sodalite necklace

I’m unsure how stones can have healing properties bestowed on them by we yoomans, but according to the magical beans of the interwebs, this is how it goes: variscite gemstones promote peace, harmony and relieve stress; sodalite encourages endurance and inner peace; haematite is a stone of grounding and protecting.
So there. If nothing else, these stones are gloriously coloured.
This was given as a gift and lives on Monte Amiata in Tuscany.


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