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Kittykatmandoo: The Studio

After two years, eight months, and way too many fits and starts and frustrations to count, at last I have the Kittykatmandoo studio in order…Just in time to have no time to use it!

No, not true. It’s all about time management, they tell me. Any one of my myriad pretty colour-coded timetable apps can tell you I have pockets of ‘flex’ time galore.

Here’s the chestnut worktable Marco’s uncle made:


Buying the gas bottle with all the right fittings here in Tuscany was interesting…


Obviously it isn’t often that a woman comes in asking for a gas bottle and fittings conversion, because the shop owner kept directing all the questions to Marco who has zero knowledge on the matter and told him exactly that. Notwithstanding, the exchange continued to be a ventriloquist’s pantomime; I answered the guy’s questions through Marco, while watching the the lit cigarette bobbing up and down on the dude’s lip and calmly wondering – and I confess not for the first time since living in Italy – how death by sudden explosive combustion might feel: would I experience it as painful, or just a bright floaty sensation?


We ordered the safety valve mechanism and the pressure gage, and after the allocated three weeks that anything takes to arrive in Italy, from within Italy, the unit is now installed in my studio, which is now in the house – not ideal, but a whole other story that makes me so bored and tired I can’t…even…

Meanwhile, back at the ranch and keen to get on with making jewellery at last, I opened the tap on the bottle and immediately heard gas hissing out of the places it shouldn’t. The tube for the gun I’d supplied the gas guys with hadn’t been attached properly (maybe he couldn’t tighten it very well while he was holding his cigarette?) so I fixed that and turned it on again – same thing. We called in a friend who worked out that the pressure tap on the safety gage was closed and needed to be opened fully, something they’d cleanly forgotten to mention to Marco when he picked it up…

Anyway, the Kittykatmandoo studio is complete and I’m so happy I could explode…ahem… I mean,squeee. I’m so happy I could squeeee!!




4 comments on “Kittykatmandoo: The Studio

  1. Angela Highstead
    April 3, 2015

    Congrats in getting back into the jewellery making. Love a good story, love the chestnut desk-tell uncle ‘e’ bella’, scared to death of gas. DON’T take up smoking.
    Ang xx

    Sent from my iPad



    • Kittykatmandoo
      April 7, 2015

      I have a healthy respect for gas, and I’m a reformed smoker of 5 years…the worst kind! 😉


  2. Gaylene Parker
    April 6, 2015

    the gas story sounded so funny yet, I can relate to it, I had the same problem when I was in Wires & was called to a snake rescue ! when the ‘male caller finally realised Rob was not answering any of his questions & I was the experienced one, they would backpedal & tell us ‘I would have gotten the snake but the wife was scared I’d get bitten……you know……I had to consider the kids & her……can I help? ‘ Rob would answer…. ‘ yes thanks, just keep out of her way please’ !!!. one guy when I was on my own asked me ‘when is the REAL snake catcher coming?’ when I said ‘I’m it’ he refused me access to his property!!!!!! fun & games being female… least we get the last laugh 🙂 glad to hear the studio is up & running.


    • Kittykatmandoo
      April 7, 2015

      I have to say, that kind of sexism I have experienced far, far worse in Australia, usually with an inexplicable and disturbing underlying aggression, which is largely absent here. Here, instead, sexism can be based, in interchangeable measures, on chivalry, lechery, religious notion/expectation and plain old household variety double standards. Depends on who, the place (the south is another planet entirely), the set of circumstances and personal experience (ask my Norwegian friend who raised and runs an incoming tourism agency and all-female team, when she makes onsite inspections, the owners look behind her to see if her husband is lagging behind!!).
      The Vatican is a boys’ club and that’s what stains ‘tradition’, no doubt about it.
      Wouldn’t change being a woman for the world…very grateful for having been born who I was, where I was, when I was. xx


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