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The Printmaking Sisters are in the house at Il Bisonte


photo from Robin Ezra – thank you!


Annie Day and Robin Ezra have been coming to Firenze’s Il Bisonte studio for six years and have by now an internal map of the city.

In that time they have put together and honed a course for aspiring and advanced printmakers alike, using safe printmaking techniques. That is, safe for the environment and safe for the printmaker.

I met Annie and Robin 4 years ago in Australia and back then they were nudging me to come to Florence to do printmaking. At that point in time it just seemed so far away. I’d been a year out of university and was poor [I still haven’t quite made it to the young rich list. Perhaps I’m in the wrong country for that], and could never have imagined myself living nearby and attending their printmaking course. How things have changed.


plate and print test proof for various mediums used in waterless lithography 

More to come – I’m between I Bisonte and Art Studio Fuji [and Santa Fiora doing the made Italian bureaucracy hat dance in order to get married in June] for the next two weeks. Stay tuned.


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