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A life creative, in full swing

August 12, 2015 marked my third year of living in southern Tuscany.


“Lightning Flowers” copper and silver bracelet © Ali Matteini


It’s not all been sunflowers, there’s been some downright, far out testing times. But Life, some time ago, arrived at the point where normality settled deliciously in the cracks of my being.
The language comes easily (most days), and every now and then lucidity leaks in and I happen to glance up. There’s the view of the mulberrypaper cut-out Escher print of the medieval town from the opposite hill, the gluttonous abandon of blackberry-picking along a remote roadside (something you can’t do in Australia as they poison everything ‘feral’), making blackberry crumble with what you’ve collected, the starburst of conversation in Italiano over the discovery of porcino the size of a panther in the beech forest that dresses the old volcano, and  counting porcupine, giant toad, deer, fox, woodpecker, badger, stoat, wild boar, ever on the eye-hunt for the ubiquitous and secretive wolf.
Looking up, I understand, if only for a split second at a time, the colossal shift – physically and soul-geographically – that I’ve made in the last 3 years, and exponentially these last 8 months.
Since I returned from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne I’ve been ‘naso al fuoco’ in the studio. I’ve been asked to supply a couple of local shops with my trinkets and I Lobe You in Arcidosso will be selling my creations from this Thursday.
Alongside that are commissions and Etsy and the new (and very simple)  Kittykatmandoo website. I now need to make like a fiend to keep up with demand.
Not a bad place to find myself: living in Italy, doing what I absolutely love and making a living from it. How fortunate and grateful am I!

Copper Flower Ring

‘Fiore’ copper and silver ring © Ali Matteini



2 comments on “A life creative, in full swing

  1. Gaylene Parker
    August 27, 2015

    I can’t believe it’s been 3 years !!! it was meant to be 🙂 🙂


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