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This Month’s Fire Fruit

Fruit of the Studio: Rings and blings and other shiny things.

Some brand spanking new jewellery amongst some earlier, revamped faces…


Above: alongside the new Fiore copper-accented silver ring, the sterling silver convex “Curlicue” ring is back in black: hand-etched and patinated.


Above: A handful of handmade earlobe adornments – more acceptably-termed ‘earrings’. Top, right to left: frosted amethyst and hammered, brushed copper; Art Deco recycled sterling silver (salvaged from an unfinished piece my sister made 15 years ago) and hand-cut, hand-drilled copper; frosted amethyst & copper; purple fluorite hearts; “Lunar Landscape” reticulated copper disks; rainbow fluorite hearts; Cappuccino jasper, onyx and hammered, brushed copper; and light green fluorite hearts.


Above: Fine silver and copper fusion cuff bracelet; “Lightning Flower” copper and sterling silver bracelet

Below: If you’ve been following my blog for a couple of years you’ll find some elements of these necklaces a little familiar. Top and bottom rows: “Spirals” copper clay, tigers eye, Czech glass leaves and glass crystal beads.
Second row: Copper and fine silver fusion pendant with spinning deep green ocean jasper; The good ol’ Owl pendant of fused fine silver, recycled sterling silver and copper (I was never going to put this one up for adoption but so many have asked after him); copper and fine silver fusion pendant with spinning Russian amazonite, tigers eye bead accents and delightfully dangly copper bead from the Orient.
Third Row, first and last photo: necklace of faceted crystal glass beads, rectangular Dalmatian jasper beads and tigers eye. (Middle photo: copper and fine silver fusion pendant with spinning deep green ocean jasper).


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