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Saturday Studio: Rings, Earrings & Ouroboros Beginnings

A drizzly, cloudy, drab, non-Antipodean January day outside our window today.


But a great day for the studio. I was able to get quite bit done even in between attention seeking attempts by Scottparker the cat.


A pair of earrings in beaten brushed copper and frosted amethyst – I make the posts and coils myself – and a pair of rings made from braided copper and silver, which I then fused and hammered.



And then I got to work on the sterling silver, adjustable ouroboros ring.


It’s been reticulated, hand cut and shaped from recycled silver, and each scale carved by hand. In the above photo I’ve painted it in liver of sulphur [which to me sounds appropriately medieval] to create a patina. In the photo below I’ve begun the polish and continued carving.
Sorry for my brutalised fingers…


Still a way to go for my tw0-headed ouroboros. The shape is good, the scales need more work and I need a whole lot of patience which is difficult in such crappy light! Good news, though, work is progressing across town so I’m hoping to be in the new studio in the coming weeks. It’s so well lit I reckon I’ll get a tan 😉


A presto
Cheers and Ciao,

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