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Lunedì Poesia: Rondeau: These Last Hours

Revisiting the Rondeau, “These Last Hours” posted on June 12, 2012 while on the writing and walking tour of Tuscany.

12 Degrees & Skiving

This week should have seen me write a canzonetta, but with all the travelling and workshops in Tuscany (not to mention the eating, drinking, laughing and new friendships) I haven’t been in the mindset for a canzonetta.
Part of our writing workshop yesterday was to write a rondeau, however, so I grabbed the opportunity to swap the two. I will supply a canzonetta on the date scheduled for the rondeau in the poetic forms list.
So…now the preamble is over, a rondeau is a lyrical poem of French origin, 10 or 13 lines with 2 rhyme schemes and the opening phrase repeated as a refrain.
I’ve followed the form of John McCrae’s poem, In Flanders Fields, which is 15 lines in total.

Beyond these last hours that funnel away
Your faces I cupped yesterday
In momentary fantasies that boat
A whole life by me, a single note,
Lies a…

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