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Lunedì Poesia: ‘The Lucid Gone’ Ballade Poem

From the one-poetic-form-a-week challenge in 2012. Week 17 was the ballade.


A presto,

Cheers and Ciao,
Ali 🙂

12 Degrees & Skiving

the lucid gone

These hours before morning’s glow
daub sky and ridge in ambered stains;
owl passes over sleeping crow
and starlight songs are yet at pains
to teach the branches their refrains.
3am and her brace of rooks
have taken flight and fancy trains
the lucid gone who fill my books.

A long-dead friend, ever-young woe-
eyed darling tangled in her chains
of burnt umber, with love in tow
(even here she loves him still!), strains
my living voice thin against plains
between the dreams and knowing looks,
for with the dawning knowledge wanes
the lucid gone who fill my books.

Yet others come to dip a toe
in my sleep as I taste the rains
in theirs and harvest seeds to sow
in mine; and one (who even deigns
to see me, when I tread his lanes,
as a ghost with daylight eyes) brooks
both sides to collect…

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