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mARTEdì: Visual Diary

The whole of last week passed by in a flash of bedcovers. Nothing sassy, unfortunately, just January’s unseasonal tepid humidity manifesting in the form of a pile of snotty tissues beside the bed. Got the visual? Good.

I’m back on deck this week, still faffing about with the finishing touches to the studio and I have started to pack things up for the quick move across town. I have jewellery orders to complete so I have to leave everything until the 11th hour. I can’t wait till I’m in there and creating…it’s been far too long a process, fraught with bureaucracy and other Italian distractions, and cramped in my garret office. It’ll be lovely to have a bright big space to work in.


Bookending and wefting through illness, I’ve been making here and there, as well as exploring, designing and chatting to other artists for the Lives Creative project, which is taking shape, and shaping up to be something surprising and quite a lot more [and much desired in this area] than I’d expected it to be. More on that in the upcoming weeks.



In the meantime, it being mARTEdì and all, I thought I’d present a few pages from my visual diary. This is my A5 go-to for visual reference for note-taking, design ideas for jewellery, thumbnail sketches [scribbles], brochure and catalogue design, colour swatchbook, photos…anything really.





I love how visual notebooks fatten up and become like pop-up books [something a tablet can never be], how they evolve their own personality as they cobble together everything and fall under any and every category between scrapbook to flower presses.

FullSizeRender (23)

I’m down the last few pages in this one and the prerequisites for the next is that it be bigger and contain watercolour card.


A presto

Cheers and Ciao,

Ali 🙂




One comment on “mARTEdì: Visual Diary

  1. Gaylene Parker
    February 3, 2016

    very productive & beautiful! imagine how that will increase in the new studio? WOW !

    Liked by 1 person

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