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My Cucina Toscana: Tagliata di Manzo

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Italian sliced beef fillet steak.

This rare sliced steak dish is generally served on rocket, though my tummy has added rocket to the ever-growing list called “things that make me grizzle”, so instead I serve it with valeriana [also known as mache or lamb’s lettuce] whose emerald vibrance is countered by its soft buttery flavour. And a happy tummy afterward 😉

250g very fresh beef fillet
Extra virgin olive oil [no lamp oil]
3 garlic cloves, flattened with the flat of a knife
Fresh pepper
Maldon sea salt

To serve
Fresh rocket or valeriana
Superb extra virgin olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Sliced red onion if you wish

Add olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper to a bowl, mix and add the fillet. Massage and let it marinade for an hour.


Heat heavy based ridged pan to high heat and place the steak, sealing each side for a minute – depending on how rare you would like it. I like it very, very rare; Marco, if he had his way, would cook everything to a safe level of industrial grey. So I compromised and cooked it longer than normal. But for very rare and for the 250g cubed portion we used I would sear the steak no longer than 1 minute on either side.

Let the steak rest on a plate, cover it in silver foil for around 5 minutes. This will relax it and release those delicious juices.
Arrange the greens on the plate, slice the steak into 5mm thick pieces and lay over the salad. Add those juices. Drizzle the balsamic vinegar over the dish, then the olive oil, add shaved parmigiano and optional sliced red onion.

Served with our favourite Lavico Sangiovese of Montecucco, from Amiata Vini.

tagliataserved 3
This is such a treat for us as we’re not big meat eaters.

Sweet Treats
We finished off this decadent Sunday lunch at home with sliced Tarrochi oranges sprinkled with cinnamon, lemon rind and shaved dark Italian chocolate.


Oh, and a drop of Limoncello 🙂
Sunshine on a winter’s day.


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A Presto,

Cheers and Ciao,

Ali 🙂

Image Alison Matteini ©

Image Alison Matteini ©

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