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Lives Creative – Michelle Grant, Photographer and Designer

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“My work involves drawing on lots of influences and pulling the individual strands and ideas together to create a cohesive whole.”

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Michelle is a fellow Australian, from Brisbane, who found herself in a roundabout way, via England (twice), in Montenero in the valley at the foot of Monte Amiata. Prior to her life in Europe, Michelle obtained a Bachelor of Film and Televisionfrom the Queensland University of Technology.


In both photography and design she is partially self-taught, developing her skills through tuition and experience, shooting across a broad range of fields (travel, catalogue, fashion, etc). Until recently, she taught photography workshops to tourist groups.


Though photography is her first love, she became a graphic and web designer more or less by accident, and being both visual crafts at either ends of the spectrum, they stitch together superbly. As she states, “Each project becomes a creative collaboration involving aspects of both disciplines.”

Her web design and branding work includes Finnish-born, Edinburgh-based textile designer Tea Lautala Graham  and high end Florence restaurant L’Ora d’Aria .


Michelle coaxes stillness from the dynamic and holds it mid flux.


Her portraiture and travel photography reveal the space between breath and thought, her subjects, often unaware they’re being photographed, reside either side of pose and repose. She captures with wonder the moment the state of expectation falls away, revealing a natural and gentle contemplation.


However, it’s in her more contemplative and informal daily work, which she posts on her Instagram, where her poetic side breaks the surface. Here, her compositions are liminal and dreamlike, pauses between directions, a swatch from a memory in the lap of subtle geometries. The ordinarily overlooked beauty in domestic objects and settings, daylight and colour through front door glass as her children return indoors from play.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 19.36.02

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 19.36.31

Michelle is currently participating in ARIM: An Artist Residency In Motherhood, a self-directed residency whose prime agenda is to the creative soul in motion, without program other than to keep creating each day amongst the busyness and balance of work and family demands.

You can find Michelle’s portfolio website here

and her Instagram here


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Image Alison Matteini ©

Image Alison Matteini ©

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