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Another Long Pause Between Words

It’s 2017 – thankfully – and frankly I give a bel ‘fanculo to last year and its shenanigans:

Exactly a month after I wrote the last post Marco’s mother died – three months after my father-in-law passed away.
It was early morning, I’d just woken and was reading the sad news about Leonard Cohen’s passing. Marco’s phone rang.
Maria had been up in Lucca at a private hospital where she was having a leg ulcer treated. Prior to the procedure she’d had all the checks, was deemed healthy as an ox and given the go-ahead. She’d gone through the operation (a skin grafting procedure under local anaesthetic) without any problem and we’d spoken to her that evening. She’d mentioned our upcoming flight to Australia and was looking forward to seeing my sister and brother-in-law who were coming from London after Christmas. She’d been chirpy; as we found out later from staff and patients, chatting with her roomy until after midnight. And then, sometime in the early morning as she slept, her heart stopped beating.
Her death came a week before we were due to fly out to Australia and we were set to cancel our trip. With my father in law’s death had been awful but expected…this was not. The shock has worn off. We’ve gone and returned from Australia. The grief and realisation laps at the edges of all things. We’ll wade our way through it, we always manage to do so.

So it seems it’s been one of those years and, although I’m not backing down on giving 2016 the bird, it’s not all been horrible. My jewellery making and art has grown wings and found ongoing opportunity, we travelled to Barcellona and Australia, I turned 40, we enjoyed making new friends and revelled in old friendships, new and exciting business opportunities, and we also had some plain old fun.

It’s just been one of those intense years that will stand out when I look back down the timeline of my life, and we all have them: those years that stain, those that soar, those that scoop you right out in all manner of ways. Last year was like that – the year of the monkey – and many have felt it collectively…and there’s still a month to go if you follow the Chinese calendar.

So I’m not quite ready to exhale yet.


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