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Dragonfly Dream Journals & Sketch Books

What do I use my dream journals for?
Everything from gratitude books and evening journaling. Jotting down weird dreams., Recipes. Notes. Letters. The beginnings of stories. My poetry plants its earthly origins within their pages. My ink and wash sketches.
Below are the dragonfly collaged, lino printed dream journals that I currently have in stock.
They consist of 40 acid-free blank pages, and my signed original mixed media print collage art on the covers. The spines are made using luxury Italian-made papers. They’re slim line and sealed, so they’re ideally lightweight and robust enough to slip into a backpack or to take travelling. And they’re cheap as chips at the moment!
If you’re interested in any of these, please drop me a line in the contact form below.
Please see below for prices.

The journals are 8€ each, plus shipping.
Shipping within EU/UK zone is between 5€ and 12€ depending on quantity / weight. Usually takes 4 – 8 days, depending where you are in the EU.
Shipping to Australia & NZ is between 10€ and 16€, depending on quantity / weight. Usually takes 10 – 24 days, depending on where you are.
By the way, I offer paypal and direct bank deposit, just a headsup: there are no extra fees and charges if depositing from one EU bank to another via direct bank deposit, likewise from one Aussie bank to another – both of which I offer. Paypal charges a lot these days, but it’s still convenient.

Please send me your enquiries below.

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