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New Year Rituals

I hope everyone’s Christmas was as enjoyable as can be under the circumstances. I fully intend on going kitschly unabashedly overboard with all the Christmas and New Year glittery jazz next year to make up for this year.

I’ve been supremely lax in my Christmas greetings messages this year, taking till now to respond to messages sent on the 24th, if at all. There is very little in my house to say it’s been a festive season or days out of the ordinary, and this year that’s fine by me. I do feel slightly guilty (that’s that pesky little should-bird on my shoulder) in not being the one to post out cards this year. Cards, if not sent before November under normal circumstances, vanish into some sort of festive wormhole, to reappear in March. Early for next Christmas I guess.
And regarding the replies to festive messages to those who have made the effort: I promise you it isn’t laziness…a little overwhelm, perhaps.
I’m a bit videocalled out after this year, and I appreciate it’s like this for so many of us. Meetings, conferences, work, language classes, family calls, virtual nights out over wine…and while it can never replace real company, thank heavens that we have that technology to be able to connect and work in that way.

Aside from conserving my energy, I’ve been limiting on my online time lately because of the amount of hours I’ve been sitting in front of a screen the last month or so. Limiting screen time works marvellously well for the mental health but does mean I’ve dropped off the radio waves a bit. I will get round to the replies and messages. Might take me till next Christmas.

In gratitude for health, circumstances, solidarity and solitude, I’ll be deploying a couple of simple rituals for my New Years Eve (as well as a glass of bubbly): candles, clove oranges and other sweet scents, upbeat music, and the Celtic tradition of opening all the doors and windows at midnight tonight to let this old year and its shenanigans out.

For those of you celebrating solo these evening, what are your New Year rituals?

And at last, here’s my wish for all: May the year 2021 be one of health for you and your loved ones, a year of healthy boundaries, of song and dance, of animals and kind people, of raucous laughter, solidarity and giving, integrity, kindness and forgiveness (especially toward the self), meditation and remembering to breathe, of great books and new music, peace and tranquility of heart and soul, relaxation, warmth, generosity, prosperity, creative fire, motivation, endurance and perseverance, a speedy metabolism, and fonts of energy, gentleness, strength, music, freedom, joy, hope, positive vibes and

All the good things
Happy Happy Happy New Year!

Ali ❤

One comment on “New Year Rituals

  1. kimcannon16000days
    December 31, 2020

    Happiest of happy New Years and new beginnings to you, darling girl. I can’t wait to see what’s on your horizon. Sending big love and joining you on ushering out this annus horribilis (horrible year) in the same way you ushered out your anus horribilis…throwing all the windows open and yelling GO! And not a glance in the rear view mirror.

    Vafanculo, 2020. Benvenuto 2021, let’s have a cup of tea… Sent from my iPhone



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