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New website live

For those of you have asked me recently “how much and where can I buy your pieces?” I now have a website

As I’m super creative, I’m also super shit at online marketing and the overthinkery arse-numbingness of making myself do it. That’s my shadow side. Finally I just made myself sit and do it.
While there are tweaks to make and still several pages under construction, such as the printmaking and precious metal jewellery pages, all my completed works are updated and are now all in one place with the price.

It is not yet an e-commerce site. For e-commerce platforms, for what I make and the decrease in sales over the pandemic period I was paying through the nose and having to up my prices, a price which attaches itself onto the artwork, and subsequently onto the client. I’d rather promote original art and jewellery that is affordable for everyone, pays me to do my own marketing (instead of me paying a platform to do that and having to do the marketing anyway!) rather than pay a third party platform for shifty algorithms, fossilised stats and being stonewalled at the help desk and charged anyway.

How do I buy from you? Use the contact form on each page to tell me what you’d like like to buy. Based on what you buy, its dimensions/weight, and where you live, I’ll calculate shipping by post or courier. I’ll package it up beautifully and it will wing its way to you. The price listed for each item contains no commissions. The only additional charge is for shipping.
How to Pay I offer direct bank transfer in the EU zone and in Australia, and I also have PayPal (incurs 2.9%).

Thanks for swinging by, sending buckets of gratitude to those who help support me and my life creative. xx

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